How to scale application in PCF

After successfully pushing our application in PCF, it’s the time to scale our application. We need to scale application based on different factors like number of users, response time etc. Pivotal Cloud Foundry allows different options to scale application.

-i   :  Scale number of instances
-k  : Disk limit
-m : Memory limit

Let’s scale “pcfwelcome” application step by step.

1. Log in to you PCF account and navigate to organisation “devworld” and space “development”.

2. Type “cf apps” to get the current status of the application. You will get a screen like:

application status in PCF
Application status in CLI

3. If you login to Pivotal and navigate to “pcfwelcome” , you will get a screen like below

application status in PCF gui.
Application status in PCF GUI

3. Now type the command in “cf cli” as  “cf scale pcfwelcome -i 2 “. Now again type “cf apps”. this time you can see two instances of “pcfwelcome”. Same you can see in GUI also.

application scaling in pivotal cloud foundry
application scale up


Congratulation, we have scale up our application. Explore other two options “-m” and “-k”. Also make sure you stop the applications after completing your exercise.



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