Let’s start with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Now that we are familiar with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) architecture, it’s the time to explore PCF. First let’s setup the PCF environment step by step.

1. Cloud foundry CLI:

Cloud Foundry CLI is a command line interface which provides a set of command for managing our application in Cloud Foundry environment e.g. in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

For installing the CF CLI , please refer the instructions here.

Post installation, go to your terminal and type cf.If you can get a response as below, means “CF CLI” has been successfully installed.


cloud foundry cli installed
cf cli installed successfully

2. Create account in Pivotal Cloud Foundry:

Pivotal cloud foundry, provides us a cloud foundry environment where we can deploy our application. We can also set up our own PCF environment, but it will be expensive and better to use public PCF environment for POC and learning purpose. A free account comes with 2GB space and $87 credit. Pease read terms and conditions before you proceed. To create an account, please follow the steps:

a) Go to pivotal.
b) Click on “Sign Up for Free”.
c) Insert the necessary details.
d) Click “Sign up”.
e) Follow the instruction and activate your account.

Create PCF account
PCF account creation.

f) Post successful account activation log in to your account using your user name and password.
g) Create an “Org” as “devworld”.
f) Create a “Space” as “development” within the Org- pcfdemo.

create pcf org
Pivotal org and space

3. Log in to you PCF account for CF CLI:

a) Go to your terminal.
b) Type “cf login -a api.run.pivotal.io”.
c) Enter your registered email id.
d) Enter your password.
e) You will be able to login your account.

Incase you face any issue, please login to your account from “run.pivotal.io” and click “Tools” on the Left side of the screen. You will find the instruction for CLI log in.

After successfully creating our account, it is the time to push our application and explore PCF.During this journey we shall cover the topics:

1. How to push application in PCF
2. Scaling
3. Logging
4. Service
5. Manifest
6. Blue Green Deployment
7. Autoscaler
8. Builpacks
9. Metrics
10.Continuous Delivery
11.Service Borker
12.Route service

Software we need:

1. Java 1.8 or above.
2. Apache Jmeter


1. 4GB memory
2. 4 GB free disk space.
3. Internet connection.

Next post we shall push our first java application into PCF.

Disclamation : Please refer pivotal cloud foundry terms and conditions before creating your account.Proceed only if you are agree with terms and conditions.

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  1. Good one, yet again a neat and clear step by step explanation. Waiting for the next post to push java application into PCF.

    Thank you for sharing this…

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